Ortho Creations T-Bow
Ortho Creations T-Bow
Ortho Creations T-Bow
Ortho Creations T-Bow Ortho Creations T-Bow

If you are:

  1. A new student of the art and science of working with stainless steel wire for orthodontics appliances.

  2. Teaching orthodontics in a dental school, dental technology program, private practice or training employees in a dental lab setting.

  3. Experienced in orthodontic appliance manufacture.

The T-Bow* is a device invented by an orthodontics professional which helps the student, teacher or experienced technician, bend pre-measured and standardized labial bows.

The name was derived from the turret like shape and the end caps that allow the technician to make uniform labial bows for retainers on the maxillary or mandibular.

The circumferential grooves are half round and will accommodate round wire as large as .045mm.

In a large laboratory, quality control, consistency across the board with the size of the U- loops on labial bows is so important. The T-bow produces uniform labial bows that are easily adjusted and proportional to either the maxillary or mandibular arch.

The T-bow can be purchased with or without a stand.



   *Patent Pending

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